1. Adamīns

Adamite is a wonderful piece to connect emotions with the heart. It allows us to identify and deal with emotional issues, especially those that affect our reactions to any given circumstance. Adamite provides clarity and strength as these issues are faced. When holding Adamite, a feeling of warmth and safety may be present. Adamite instills left-brain thinking and encourages you to explore new opportunities, especially business ventures. Those who are drawn to water will also be drawn to Adamite, as it is as soothing and cool as a fresh water stream.

Caution: Adamite contains Arsenic (Arsonate); wash hands thoroughly after handling. [4]

Adamite is a stone of joy, creativity, enthusiasm. It aligns the heart and solar plexus chakras, stimulating both mental and physical well being.

Adamite evolves the spirit

Some uses of Adamite are:

  • Open the heart to communication with angels, spirit guides and those who have passed on
  • Awaken the joy of the inner child
  • Shield from psychic attacks, or other negativity
  • Stimulate creativity
  • Expression of playful spirit

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